ah… love polygons

Having my students work in groups gives me many opportunities to observe their “real” behavior.  In other words, it affords multiple opportunities for amusement.  I find that this is motivation for doing group work even if you don’t think it’s the best pedagogical choice.

 Today, I wandered over to a group in my Geometry class only to hear:

“I will buy you a life time supply of tooth whitening products and FORCE you to use them.”

“Why do you even care?”

“Because I love you.”

At which point my presence was noticed. 

“Maybe that wasn’t the best time for me to make my profession…”

And then, of course, they all started joking around.  Someone said to the declarer “I love you.”  At which point love triangles came up.  And then it degenerated into a discussion of love decagons.  Yes, love decagons.

They also finally noticed today that I’ve been writing things down about the various groups.  I mean, I stand there with a pad of paper and a pen and write things all period when I’m not actually talking to someone.  Of course, this may mess up my ability to observe their usual behavior.  But whatever.

Today, I actually cooked dinner for the first time in a long time.  For the past couple of months I’ve just made frozen dinners or occasionally gone to Subway — cooking is so not my thing.  But this was quick because I grilled some beef, made some couscous (which will last me days), and then used one of those frozen vegetable things that you can put in the microwave to steam the veggies.  Those things are good (well, as good as vegetables can be) and so easy.   This should help me to increase my vegetable intake. 

Biggest Loser is on tonight.  That show has changed considerably since first season.  It’s kind of amazing what some of the changes are.  They used to go by actual pounds lost rather than percentage.  And it seems like they set some things up by asking “what would be the worst way to torture some fat person that’s on a diet?”  Like, they made them bake and then sell the bake goods, and, without telling them ahead of time, there was a penalty for the team that first did any kind of tasting during preparation.  They also randomly put non-diet food out at meal times without telling them anything.  So they just have to decide if they should eat it or not.

It’s more realistic in some sense though.  Like that last thing.  But the participants also are shown talking about how hard it is and how sore they are and how tough it is to resist temptation.  It also shows more of the interaction among the people, so it’s clearer what people think of each other than it seems to be in the later seasons.  It’s interesting to see the differences.

And Jillian and Bob look younger too.  It’s kind of fun.

–ryo out


1 Response to “ah… love polygons”

  1. 1 gargles
    5 March 2008 at 03:45:39

    your students sound oh so amusing in a they should be filmed kind of way

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