some days there’s almost too much to say

Today was filled with exciting adventure after exciting adventure.  And now I’ve just realized that the power must have gone out at my apartment some time today because my alarm clock is blinking at me.  It’s good I noticed or tomorrow would have been filled with doom.

My adventures began while I was driving to school.  I was stopped at a light and there was one of those working pick-ups in front of me (the ones with all the metal and tools and stuff).  Well, when the light turned green, the pick-up took off and left behind one of the coolers that had been in the bed of the truck.  So I chased him down, pulled him over, and let him know.  I almost felt like a cop or someone in a movie or sommat.

Then, this morning we had open house in the middle school.  This happens once each semester and basically the parents get to come and watch us teach.  Often it’s people who are deciding whether or not to send their children to Cistercian, but there are also lots of parents of boys already at the school.

Of course, we’re working in groups pretty much every day until these projects are finished, so I was a bit worried about how the parents would take it.  So I wrote a note on the board for them to feel free to ask each group about their design and then just did my usual thing.  The response was generally good:  “Thanks for letting us watch your class.  My son won’t tell me anything at all about these projects so I was wondering what was going on”  or “I’m so glad you’re having them do these projects.”  or “These boys are so creative and artistic.  It really surprises me.”  But I did have one parent say “I’m so disappointed you didn’t teach today.  I always learn so much when I come to your class.”  Which, whatever.  I mean, it’s sixth grade math!  It’s not really that interesting.  And yet, the parents are riveted by it.  I could wish some of their sons found it as interesting.  Another parent, when I mentioned that remark to her said, “Well, it’s true.  We really do learn a lot when you teach.  But even though I didn’t learn a lot about math today, I did learn a lot about social interaction.” 

I also noticed today that one of the groups has an “Eating Room.” No dining room.  Just an “Eating Room.”  In which they have placed a piano and possibly a guitar.  For some reason, this amuses me greatly.  I somehow picture a big trough in the middle of the room that they pour the food into.  And another group had a minor crisis when they couldn’t find some of their blueprints.  Supposedly, one member had them all, but then two were missing.  But they turned up in someone else’s desk eventually.  But they had to have a little venting session about the whole thing.  “We’ve just got to get it all out,” is what one of the boys told me.  It’s times like these for which I need to practice my poker face.

My driving adventures continued on the way home from school.  I’m driving down the road doing about 40, 45 (the speed limit), I’ve got a green light and everything and this kid just decides to bike right across the road in front of me.  I almost allowed natural selection to take its course.  And then, I’m honking, my brakes are squealing and he just looks over like “what’s your problem?”  Idiot.

But yummy thai-style chicken for dinner.  Yay!

–ryo out


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