this morning was not the best morning ever

So, President’s Day holidays being over, today was the first day of school for the week.  If my reaction to going back after the three day weekend was any indication, I really, really need summer vacation.

But the worst part was…. I go in, I plug-in my memory stick, and nothing happens.  The last time I backed it up was in January!  I felt like I’d been hammered in the stomach.  I tried it in another computer.  No response.  I asked our tech guy what he thought.  Basically, there’s no hope.  I tried cleaning the contacts.  No response.  I mean, in some sense, it’s no big since it’s JUST A MONTH’S WORTH OF GRADES and, really, I’ve decided that grades are evil.  Of course, my school disagrees, but what do they know? 

Crises are horrible things.  My brain was so taken up by this problem, I really didn’t feel capable of functioning.  It’s hard to think when your brain is running around in little circles freaking out.  Fortunately, I finally tried forcing the contacts together once the stick was plugged-in and that enabled me to copy all of the data onto my computer hard drive.  So, saved.  But it still kind of threw me off my stride for the rest of the day.

Anyway, I’ve made more plans about how to change my teaching to reflect more of my pedagogical values and to try to generate more interest from the students.  The Geometry plans are still on hold, of course, until after they take this test tomorrow (which they claim they didn’t know about–poor saps).  But for the sixth graders, I’ve decided to have them design a building.  They were really getting into it today, but it was kind of boring for me since all I did was wander around and listen in on their conversations.  Still, it was also sort of relaxing, so no real complaints.

–ryo out


3 Responses to “this morning was not the best morning ever”

  1. 1 limey
    19 February 2008 at 19:53:43

    Dude that sucks so much. I`d suggest feel better Booshness but you`re weird. Instead, it`s almost Torchwood! Remember whenever life starts sucking. *clings*

  2. 2 ryoryo
    19 February 2008 at 20:08:47

    Omg. Torchwood series 2 is 100 times better than Torchwood series 1. That one bit! It keeps me going through the day. Along with all the meaningful looks, etc, etc. *loves on Jack and Ianto*

  3. 3 gargles
    21 February 2008 at 02:02:23

    its sorta like how my old compy was killed by certain people who shall remain nameless and so now stuff is all…irretrievable…except you got yours out…so yay for you

    /me loves iantos shirt cuffs n vests

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