my personal gravity field was about 10 times normal today

Argh.  I am so exhausted.  I talked about it today with the group trainer for my weight-loss group because I can hardly do the workout and I’ve been ravenously hungry.  So hungry that I eat something and two hours later I have a headache because I’m so hungry.  And I’m drinking lots of water, so that’s not the issue.  And she said “what are you doing the other days of the week? (we only meet three times)” and I said “nothing.”  Because I’ve been SO tired.  So apparently I can’t be overtraining even if that is what it sounds like.  It’s like death.  And it makes me snippy and impatient with the students.  But I’m sure they somehow deserve it.  Fortunately, I get a little mini-break soon and I am going to milk that for all it’s worth.

 The highlight of my day, however, had to be calling TxTag.  For some reason, my recent payment didn’t seem to be registering, so I’ve been having to actually stop at the toll booths.  So I tried to check out what was happening on-line, which led to me somehow locking myself out of my account.  Frankly, I shouldn’t engage in any kind of “normal” human activity when I’m this tired.  Anyway, when I called, I got put on hold a couple of times while they checked things out.  And they have had songs written about toll roads.  Multiple songs!  Like… “Take 130 toll and roll, roll, roll” kind of songs.  I’m still not certain what the appropriate reaction to this is.

 Oh yes… the highlight of my day yesterday was this.  I’m roadtripping down to ACity soon.  So, I’m talking to some friends (married couple with a 2 year old), and she says “Hey.  We might roadtrip down with you.”  And I’m thinking… I’m going for a teaching conference.  It’s not like we’re going to be doing anything together.  And I’ve made arrangements to go to an Agatha Christie play with a friend that lives in ACity on the only evening I’m going to have free.  And we can’t drive together because if we do then one of us has no means of transportation.  So I decided, since this friend isn’t an idiot, that she must just be making a desperate bid to recall the spontaneity and freedom that went with not having a child.  I’m sure there really are compensations for becoming a parent.  Really.

 –ryo out


1 Response to “my personal gravity field was about 10 times normal today”

  1. 1 Lily
    6 February 2008 at 20:43:18

    You`re going to an A.C. play in ACity?

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