I hate being in debt and other rambling


 So, there was work today.  Which I am currently terribly unmotivated about.  But, since I’m being fiscally responsible, work is not an option.  And, to continue in the fiscally responsible vein, after work was over, I actually filed my taxes.  Which was totally demoralizing.  Because I was really hoping for a huge refund so I could get a LOT more out of debt.  But NO…  I hate being in debt simply because it takes so freaking long to get OUT of debt.  And, frankly, I’m not entirely sure I have the stamina for it.  But enough whining…

 Other happier things have been happening too.  I’ve just recently started reading the Master and Commander series by Patrick O’Brien.  These books are great (some of you may have seen the movie by the same name; I have not, but the books really are excellent).  Along with being very realistic portrayals of naval life in the Victorian era, they are also rather funny — here’s one example of their amusement value. 

 In the first book, Master and Commander, the main character, Captain Jack Aubrey, goes on a cruise as commander of the Sophie. During this cruise, he manages to capture a ton of enemy ships and to win thousands and thousands of pounds of prize money.  Then, his cruise is over and he returns to England.  Shortly thereafter, his prize agent takes off for the continent with all of Jack’s money.  Right after that, the admiralty contacts Jack to let him know that two of the ships they had originally declared prizes, well… weren’t.  So he now owes the admiralty something on the order of 11,000 pounds.  Can we say “debtor’s prison”? 

 So, in the second book, Post Captain, Jack spends pretty much any time on land skulking around in order to avoid being arrested for debt and tossed into prison.  But the amusing bit is yet to come.  Jack is desperate for cash and finally gets another command (on the Polychrest).  He will, of course, be safe aboard ship.  However, a day or two before they’re due to take off, the family of one of his lieutenants has a big party (because the lieutenant just got married).  Jack figures he’s safe enough going to this party, but he figures wrong.  So a bailiff shows up with some back-up to try to arrest him.  Somehow, in the ensuing scuffle, the bailiff loses his staff of office, which makes him like a normal guy and no longer an officer of the court.  So Jack has him pressed into the Navy!

So, yeah.  Good books to read, even if nothing else seems to be going all that well.  And, my students continue to be amusing.  For example, today one of the boys I was dismissing at the end of the day asked me if he looked menacing.  Which, frankly… this boy is always sunny and cheerful… he’s got dark curly hair and a smattering of freckles, and even as he was asking me this he was grinning.  So, not so menacing.  Dissatisfied with my response, he proceeded to tie his belt around his head and then put on this bizarre sneer and ask the question again.  Yeah… nothing that makes me laugh that much gets to fall into the category of menacing.

 –ryo out


3 Responses to “I hate being in debt and other rambling”

  1. 1 gargles
    5 February 2008 at 01:07:35

    and his name is aubrey…aubrey is such a great name

    more males should be named aubrey…cos its jam hot

  2. 2 limey
    5 February 2008 at 01:27:12

    aubrey is not jam hot
    jam hot is ryo ryo who is jam hot

  3. 3 gargles
    5 February 2008 at 00:09:00

    ryoryo is jam hot but shes not diana princess of the amazons and thank goodness for that

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