greek food and in-service

Today at school there were no classes.  Instead, we had faculty-inservice.  This was great because a) no students and b) faculty appreciation luncheon.  But it also had the potential for severe mind-numbing boredom since faculty in-service consists of two two-hour long talks.  And, frankly, the past in-services have been total snoozers.

As it turns out, both of the talks were good.  The morning talk was by an adolescent psychiatrist who gave us some good information about what to expect as normal behavoir from adolescents and how to go about trying to use their natural modes of operation to get them to engage in your class instead of destroying school property or whatever.  Lots of good questions and discussion ensued.  The only downer was that the speaker was technologically incompetent, but he still wanted to pepper his talk with random cartoons and such.  This is the sort of thing you want to slap a big sign on that says “please don’t try this at home.” 

Oh, there was this one point in the talk that I thought went a bit sour.  He was talking about how generally tolerant adolescents are becoming due to their exposure to so much information and used homosexuality as an example.  It’s actually a great example, but… he was using it at an all-boy’s Catholic school.  It was like everyone froze.  Frankly, our faculty could use some education on that subject, but… yeah. 

The afternoon talk was about how to spot and/or prevent child abuse and how to avoid making yourself a target for false allegations.  This turned out much, much better than I expected.  Frankly, I’ve been to talks like that in the past that were so horrible and useless.  But this one had some very practical suggestions and advice about the whole thing.  There were even videos with victims of abuse talking about the impact it had on their lives and perpetrators of abuse talking about some of the ways they managed to maneuver children into vulnerable situations.

The amusing bit, though, was that the videos both started out with a title screen that made it look more like we were about to watch some life of a saint type movie.   There was light shining on a hill and all that and then “Protecting God’s Children.” 

But, the highlight of the day had to be the faculty appreciation luncheon.  It was the best Greek food ever.  Started with a Greek salad.  Then, moussaka, dolmades, spanokopita, skewers with pork and chicken, orzo.  It was a literal feast!  And then!  Three desserts per person!  I think I’m never going to eat again…

 –ryo out


2 Responses to “greek food and in-service”

  1. 1 limey
    2 February 2008 at 00:05:04

    Freezy, very nice.
    Did the ‘how to avoid making yourself a target for false allegations’ include ‘how to avoid making yourself a target for allegations’ information too? Or am I just a hopeless cynic?
    *drools* want greek food…*wonders how far she can get what with the snow*

  2. 2 ryoryo
    2 February 2008 at 02:40:03

    Um… I think they assumed that you would avoid allegations by not doing anything wrong. So then there’s only false ones to worry about.

    Snow is a tool of Satan.

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